Sounds Inflated Doesn’t It?

Inflated? And Famous.
Inflated? And Famous.

The elections remind us that many people say many things, and each one expects us to believe what they are saying is true. And yet, reflect back on this year’s campaign ads.

So if I tell you that for October, Mid Life Celebration’s “Hits” were 1.3 million, what would you think?

Yeah, me too.

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Guest Vlogger – Dr. Bob Parsons

Not GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons :)
Not Go Daddy Founder Bob Parsons ūüôā

Who and what inspires you to not quit? Ever consider Bob Parsons and Go Daddy?

Here is Go Daddy founder, Dr Bob Parsons, with Tip#1 – from his Vlog, Episode #35 from June 2: The One Thing Everyone Must Do To Position Themselves For Success.

There are a handful of valuable, common sense tips done in a humorous and entertaining way. ¬†And listen as Bob says he almost abandoned Go Daddy, before it became the World’s Largest, Most Affordable, and Best Domain Name super site.

He almost quit. The successful Go Daddy founder almost quit. ¬†He applied his own advice, his own tips, and didn’t.

Find Your Edge

Blog? Are You Kidding Me?
Blog? Are You Kidding Me?

How’s the health of your competitive advantage?

If it is anything less than excellent, then you may want to consider what I’m about to suggest, and here’s why:

  1. Has minimal start up costs
  2. Can be done virtually anywhere
  3. Can be done virtually any time
  4. Can be done alone
  5. Progress is easily measured
  6. Provides multiple benefits when done regularly

That’s the key message today. Why would anyone avoid a low cost, incredibly flexible way to improve your edge.

You absolutely need an Internet presence. If you tune this out, you’re in big trouble. The same kind of trouble if you ignore a bad health report.

The easiest way to enhance your edge is to blog. If you don’t know how, there are tons of free online “how to” articles.

GoDaddy has 35 million domain names registered.  GoDaddy has seven million customers.

I’m one of them.

Will you be?

Go Daddy Is Awesome

Go Daddy is awesome. ¬†The past two days I’ve reconnected with Go Daddy, and remember why I love them so much.

They offer world class customer service.  Consistently. Great product.  Great price. Great selection.  Great service.

That’s all a person can ask for, isn’t it? ¬†That a company would live up to their promise every day, with every interaction.

Impossible? ¬†Probably. ¬†But Go Daddy seems to have a much higher “success rate” than most companies I’ve worked with over 50 years.

Anyway, WordPress updates are done.  Web analytics are clearer.  Web statistics are way up.  Double and triple in many areas.  The reason? Because of people like you, reading this now.