Each day is a choice between two opposites

Lake Tahoe pine trees
Our challenge is to see obviously beautiful things others can’t


Each day is a choice between two opposites.

  1. go through the motions
  2. be remarkable

Was reminded yesterday that anyone can, and most everyone does, talk a great talk.

Where do I fall today, is a great question each morning.

Where will I fall tomorrow, is a great question each evening.

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How difficult is it to add value to someone else’s life?

writing tips
I give back by writing. Everyday. Whether I feel like it or not.

The best way to add value in other people’s lives is to ensure we develop value in our own. Show people what great personal leadership is, simply by living a well balanced life – mind, body, spirit, work, home.

And the question we always get at social gatherings, so what do you do?

Those Obnoxious Renegades

Failing is the easy part, which is why it happens too often…

The main reason the Herd hates the renegade is because the renegade challenges the socially acceptable habits (and limits) – in business and personal leadership.

The renegade doesn’t challenge to upset people. The renegade challenges because they see a better way – more effective and efficient, and a much better payoff.

How do I know? Surely you jest.

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