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Undeniably Required

About 4,500 Mid Life Celebration blog posts have been written by jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer. Over 900 blog posts here at jeff noel.org

It all started from one Father’s 100-day challenge to write a book for his young son. A promise he made 30 years prior.

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Every Ant In The Ant Colony & Every Bee In The Bee Hive Make A Contribution

Whatever your platform, model your message…leadership starts in the mirror. My son took this pic before we got groceries.

Why critique another’s leadership behavior when our own isn’t close to being a beacon? We all make a contribution to society. As Abe Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one”.

Oh wait, that’s right, the long way is the short cut, but no one believes it, except leaders who see a brighter future and don’t mind failing, and refuse, at all costs, to quit.

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Life Is Hard And You Only Get A Handful Of Miracles, The Rest Is Up To You

Incorporating Mid Life Celebration, LLC in 2009 is one of the most courageous things I’ve ever done.

Blogging in a way no one else does, not just with the 5 a day thing, but the content, goes against convention wisdom. (story of my life, eh)

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

We witness only a few miracles in our lives. The miracles we don’t see include unanswered prayers. Never forget that. Miracles I thought would never happen:

  1. Marrying Cheryl 1983
  2. Buying land 5 minutes from Walt Disney World 1990
  3. Becoming a Dad 2000
  4. Founding an LLC 2009

Am interested to hear yours.

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Somebody Stop jeff noel Before He Gives Us So Many Examples We Can’t See Straight

In 1984 another dream, leave Washington State behind, and own a home within 5 minutes of Walt Disney World.

We had one car & two bikes, and lived 30 miles from work. Cheryl got the car. jeff noel peddled…30 miles each day to Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

It took 7 years to get out of debt and climb the ladder high enough to finally afford the dream. This is where we live today, our 2nd, and possibly, final home. Takes a John Deere to mow it.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. And be careful for what you wish for. Sometimes it’s a trap.

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