Time is money

Disney plastic character toys
Traveling with Disney figurines is a habit.

You’re too busy to see your clock ticking by…yet i see it clear as day…

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today…

Cheryl and i have known each other 41 years, including 37 married years. Every team works hard to be effective and efficient – the simplest, truest bottomline in business.

  1. Is it effective?
  2. Is it efficient?

This is what we everyone wants.


Time is money.

Money spent can save time (money).

  • How’s your decision fatigue?
  • Why do you not stop working out?
  • What’s the point of investing money?
  • What do you gain by not committing?
  • What if every employee leveled up (and kept leveling up)?
  • What’s your template for scaling future businesses?

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If you are going to be trapped, pick the one that lights your fire

Promises, promises, eh?
Promises, promises, eh?


On the plane yesterday an epiphany. A short 30-minute flight, and a headache, from Buffalo to Detroit. No ambition to squeeze in work, not even to read a few more pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book.

We talked most of the flight. She’s been in sales with the same company, traveling every week of the year (Monday through Thursday night) and hates it. But she’s trapped – there is nowhere she can go and make the kind of money she makes.

Without thinking, shared my philosophy about work and purpose and money.

In the process realized that excelling at your current job will never earn remarkable salary increases.

That happens only by climbing the ladder.

If you are going to be trapped, pick the one that lights your fire.

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