Being Brave Means Being Humble

A professional speaker has to get used to being on center stage. Has to.

Sure, it would be easy to label me jeff noel arrogant or not humble. I mean, seriously, look at how often Mid Life Celebration uses it’s name. Repetition of keywords is a leadership proposition if you want Google page rank. Google page rank is needed if you want to reach your audience – say, 1.2 million male Baby Boomers. If your dream is small (and that’s okay) or you don’t want or need page rank, this seems superfluous.

At the end of the day, trying to help make the world a little nicer by posting five blogs a day for nearly three straight years is a gracious offer – by anyone’s standards.

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Midlife Crisis Needs This Antidote

Midlife Crisis Needs This Antidote

A big part of our midlife effort should be in solidifying whatever legacy we’d like to leave. Baby Boomers know that doing work that matters gets them ever closer to elusive life goals, and two things in life that make it more enjoyable and prepare the way for our exit.

Peace and contentment. Peace with who we are and content with what we have.

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Baby Boomers, Do You Have A Sense Of Urgency At Midlife?

Midlife Is An Opportunity To Create Urgency

Instead of thinking we are on the downhill side of life when we reach midlife, jeff noel proposes we are finally at base camp and can now make the push to the glorious summit.

As a fellow Baby Boomer, jeff understands the choice between mediocrity or making a difference. This opportunity is in the hands of every single Baby Boomer.

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Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel Is On A Journey To Help Reawaken Midlife Baby Boomer Retirement Goals

Human Eyes Can Do The Same

There’s a place in every human’s heart that’s full of love, full of hope. The eyes of a wise baby boomer have the power to speak a great language. This may not mean anything to you now. That’s okay.

Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes. Growing older implies lots of mistakes, lots of experience.

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It’s A Great Sign When Things In Your Life Start To Flounder

Disney Storytelling Always Involves Great Conflict

When we are struggling, it’s a sure sign that great things are about to happen. Or not. We write the pages of our life’s story, one day at a time. What gets written down is how we react when the inevitable conflict arrives.

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