Admirable is the only choice

Wells Fargo quote about customer courtesy
True 150 years ago, true today. Passion for serving.


Tomorrow is Easter.

Listening to Jeremy Camp’s Reckless CD.

Use us Lord.

There is no greater leadership than servant leadership.

We know this.

And some are lucky enough to be crystal clear about their passion.

Being on fire with the commitment to live a life so admirable that if someone said something bad about them, no one would believe it.

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Being Brave Means Being Humble

A professional speaker has to get used to being on center stage. Has to.

Sure, it would be easy to label me jeff noel arrogant or not humble. I mean, seriously, look at how often Mid Life Celebration uses it’s name. Repetition of keywords is a leadership proposition if you want Google page rank. Google page rank is needed if you want to reach your audience – say, 1.2 million male Baby Boomers. If your dream is small (and that’s okay) or you don’t want or need page rank, this seems superfluous.

At the end of the day, trying to help make the world a little nicer by posting five blogs a day for nearly three straight years is a gracious offer – by anyone’s standards.

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Can jeff noel Trust You To Fail?

After all, the only greatness is unselfish love. Talk about trust.

Can jeff noel trust you to fail? We Baby Boomers must be willing to extend ourselves from the inside. This act leaves us vulnerable to all sorts of failure and ridicule. It also leads us to greater humility, and humility is the essence of servant leadership.

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Five A Day Blogger Explosion

To Serve, To Strive, and not To Yield
To Serve, To Strive, and not To Yield

In March 2009, just ten short months ago, I made a promise – a 100-day challenge.

Have you ever made important promises, big promises, promises that you could almost taste the life-changing benefits?

Some call it dreaming big dreams.  Walt Disney, one of my heroes, was like that. But Walt Disney also had something different.

He had drive. And Walt Disney did what he set out to do. And Walt turned a deaf ear to the multitudes who called him crazy.

Walt Disney did things others said were impossible. When I set out to write five daily blogs for 100 days, not even I could imagine what it’s turned into.

Here we are, not 50 blog posts later, not 100, not 500 blog posts later, not 1,000 either, but over 1,500 blog posts – in ten short months.

It is quite literally a Five-A-Day Blogger explosion.

PS.  Who would you rather listen to:

  1. A big-time dreamer?
  2. A big-time dreamer and a big-time doer?

Audacious, antagonistic, insightful, servant.