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Disney parking lot row marker
Served a lifetime. Still enjoy frequent visits. Yesterday. In case you can’t place the parking lot, it’s Epcot’s.

You know what is a good and decent job/purpose?

Helping leaders keep promises.

This is a different way of reflecting on what my core strength/product is.

Note: This photo is 24 hours old.

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Promises are critical success factors

Promises are critical success factors.

In business with employees, customers, and shareholders.

In personal life with spouse, partner, children, etc.


Because people like to know what to expect.

People also like promises kept.

PS. Trust is the most important element of any relationship (that i know of).

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He Said I Make A Lot Of Promises. Uh oh!

January 21, 2012....picture perfect central Florida day...

Almost as good as a deserted island...

There's a time and a place for everything (but no definitive guide).

Yesterday while basking in the warm Florida sunshine and warm company of fellow Scouts, my Son told me I make a lot of promises. This frightened me. A lot. He didn’t say I keep a lot of promises.

Did I not pursue clarification yesterday because of the pain it may inflict on my psyche? Or did I exercise wisdom to allow space and time to get a better opportunity to ask about it? We’ll see…

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Five A Day Blogger Explosion

To Serve, To Strive, and not To Yield
To Serve, To Strive, and not To Yield

In March 2009, just ten short months ago, I made a promise – a 100-day challenge.

Have you ever made important promises, big promises, promises that you could almost taste the life-changing benefits?

Some call it dreaming big dreams.  Walt Disney, one of my heroes, was like that. But Walt Disney also had something different.

He had drive. And Walt Disney did what he set out to do. And Walt turned a deaf ear to the multitudes who called him crazy.

Walt Disney did things others said were impossible. When I set out to write five daily blogs for 100 days, not even I could imagine what it’s turned into.

Here we are, not 50 blog posts later, not 100, not 500 blog posts later, not 1,000 either, but over 1,500 blog posts – in ten short months.

It is quite literally a Five-A-Day Blogger explosion.

PS.  Who would you rather listen to:

  1. A big-time dreamer?
  2. A big-time dreamer and a big-time doer?

Audacious, antagonistic, insightful, servant.