Disney Business Consultants
Yesterday midway through a 10-miler.


Emailed the photo above to a client at 7:51am (see the watch face upper right time). She appreciated it much more than anticipated. The Magic of what we i do as “normal” is often lost on our my closeness to it.

Decent chance i’ll run back there for tomorrow morning’s run.

There are #runDisney freaks out there. i hope they smile when i post to Twitter.




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We Are Not So Smart When We Know What Should Be Done, But Fail To Do It

Truly, we reap what we sow.

We aren’t so smart when we avoid doing what should be done. But we can learn to forgive ourselves. By midlife, we ought to be fairly well schooled on the power of forgiveness, right? What’s nearly unforgivable though, is our long term failure to learn from our mistakes. Make as many as you can, but learn. Always learn. Go.

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