The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger Challenges You To Consider This Opportunity

Typical day at the office for jeff noel, one of the Internet's most prolific bloggers

Everyday I write five short, pithy posts about life’s big choices, to help people think, smile and be grateful.

What began as a late blooming Father’s idea to leave a trail for his young son, has morphed into The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger. The beauty in beginning is that there’s a middle and an end. The trick is to start small (a new step forward) and never stop moving forward.

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When We Don’t Go, We Make Mistakes, But We Don’t Make Any Progress

We really don't want to focus on the obvious so we medicate & distract ourselves

Two types of mistakes a Baby Boomer can make, says Midlife Celebration’s prolific blogger jeff noel. The first is in trying, but failing. These are good, honest mistakes. Fail, yes. Quit no. More often though, in midlife, we make the dangerous second type…

The second type of mistake is an act of omission, in not trying. As we inch closer to 2012, consider making a bold, but not stupid, move. Three years ago on January 1, 2008, noel started an LLC. Scary, yes. Bold, yes. Go.

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Corporate Social Media Policy Had Not Yet Been Invented On A Large Scale

The Power Of A Many Brands Is Based On The Reputation Of It's People

Three years ago, did your organization have an official corporate social media policy? Doubtful. Today? Sure. Industry has mostly caught up with what has been street knowledge for years – social media is invaluable in communicating a brand.

A brand is the first thing someone thinks of when they hear your name. Brands are not always positive. Some brands are so positive, they are the definitive leader: Disney, Apple, Google, Starbucks, ESPN.

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Social Media Has Always Been Acceptable For Personal Use, And Now Finally Widely Accepted For Professional Use

It was three years ago this month that jeff noel began using social media for Mid Life Celebration, LLC, noel’s retirement venture. What few are aware of, is noel was granted an opportunity to blog professionally. From January through July, 2009, noel was given permission to try blogging. He wrote completely on his own and was unendorsed by his organization. It was a very organic process. Armed only with the blessing to try.

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