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.think .differently about Organizational Vibrancy…30-year Disney & Disney Institute Keynote Speaker helping you fix things so you can sleep better.


Want a common language, a simple vision, and scalability? Memorable engagement, brilliant insight, and easy to do?

Slay your biggest Customer Service and Leadership challenges with world-class, transferable, time-tested Customer Service architecture from a life at Disney.

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The Baltimore Sun interview

Participated in The Baltimore Sun interview yesterday at Orlando International Airport just before boarding.

The college admissions director texted me asking if it would be ok.

Of course.

Liberal arts colleges have an opportunity to lead the education transformation.

We randomly found our son’s school, but once we toured it we were sold.

The Baltimore Sun randomly contacted our Son’s college and asked for an incoming freshman parent to interview.


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South America interview questions

Stitch backpack
Yesterday while sitting curbside watching a Disney Streetmosphere show.


Disney Keynote Speakers


Disney Leadership Speakers
Selfie. Portrait mode. Minnie and Roy.


Note: These questions were sent to my Speaker Agent from a South American journalist. There was no face-to-face interview.

1. How job retention trends have been changing in recent years?
A. Generally, people leave a company because their leader isn’t meeting or exceeding their expectations. Employees perform in a mirror fashion to the genuine care they receive from their leaders. Great leaders are the first line of defense against rising turnover. Great leadership is reliably measured with an annual, comprehensive and anonymously submitted 360-degree review process.

2. Do work relationships change when talking about a 100% digital company? in which areas?
A. Whether you interact with your employees and customers face-to-face, through voice, or digital, the goal never changes – always exceed expectations and make people feel special by providing individualized treatment.

3. What has the digital economy taught us about results through labor benefits?
A. Sorry, i do not understand this question.

4. What model of labor benefits that Disney has can be replicated in other small or medium companies around the world?
A. Offset and compliment tangible benefits by providing many, diverse, and highly-valued intangible (low-cost to no-cost) benefits to send a great message that an organization cares for and values its employees.  Additionally, make it part of your culture that one of the best intangible benefits is the opportunity to work with great leaders.

5. In your experience, ¿does monetary benefit improves the quality of the employees labor? What are other strategies?
A. Generally yes at Executive positions, with competitive salaries and bonus compensation strategies a must-have strategy. And like i said earlier, low-cost to no-cost unique intangible benefits are highly prized at every level.
In the middle and front line levels monetary incentives would be an exception. For most hourly positions the various Labor Unions dictate that annual pay increases are linked to longevity, not performance. The overwhelming majority of Disney Cast Members are not incentivized with money.


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Journalist interview via email

Disney Leadership Speakers
Lofty indeed. By design. Screen shot from a November 2018 Keynote Speech Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, delivered at the IAAPA in Orlando.

1. Jeff, what have been the keys to Disney’s success as a company?

A. Visionary Leadership. Obsessive and complete Customer focus. And the fact that we over-focus on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.

2. What of these aspects can be applied today to the Companies?

A. Everything. If you have great leaders with a clear, concise, and compelling vision of the future, and a committed workforce, nothing can stop you.

3. You hear the entrepreneurs say always that lack of money is the problem, is it really?

A. No. Necessity is the mother of invention. Don’t get me wrong, money is a wonderful tool, but your greatest entrepreneurial tools are vision, purpose, creativity, risk tolerance, fun, and determination.

4. What does Disney look for in human talent? What are the inevitable skills to undertake? 

A. Let’s begin this answer with a baseline assumption that our job candidates are technically proficient. First and foremost, we prioritize attitude over aptitude. We want friendly, helpful people who delight in making others happy. We want creative people who thrive on taking intelligent risks. We also value personal initiative and people who can make work fun.

5. All people can be entrepreneurs, or are there those who were born for this and those who are not? Why?

A. From personal experience and countless observations of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, to me the key success factor is what Steve Jobs describes as “the crazy ones, the misfits”. You have to be able to see what others can’t yet see. You have to want your vision to come true as much as you want your next breath. If not, quitting will eventually seem like a reasonable choice.

6. From your point of view what are the challenges of Colombia to undertake and manage your talent

A. No person, no company, and no Country can rise to a lofty and noble purpose without a vision of the future that is not only better than now, but much better than now. Most humans need and want to do something that is bigger than themselves. We all want to feel like our contributions make a difference. Figure out how to unleash this in people and Magic will happen.

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Facebook work

Disney Customer Service Speaker jeff noel
Does anyone care about last week’s closing keynote speech to 600 International Guests – and the standing ovation? No.


Map My Run screen shot
Does anyone care that i had an all-expenses-paid trip to Montreal and got to run through the city before flying home? No.


Facebook work, also known as our job or our career.

Is Facebook a hack (a “short-cut cheat” for avoiding the hard work, and risk, of creating our own platform – owning and managing a domain name – on our very own piece of digital real estate?

Do we really want to rely on our Facebook friends to become better informed about our world? (Because some of our friends have the time to act as curators, and they post what they think their “audience” will appreciate and enjoy)

Do we really want to push our world view on our friends without ever having their permission (because we never ask, “Would you like to hear what i think about ______?)?

Do we have any idea why we use Facebook, or have we just been swept up in the socially popular current and never creating our own personal vision of how and why we use Facebook (versus our own domain/website)?

And what about all our friends who we are not (for whatever reason) connected with? Does that mean we aren’t friends, or does it mean that we are not good friends?




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