Prolific Blogger Stops Blogging?

What would your name tag say?

One of the criteria for becoming a prolific blogger is you have to blog. A lot! Passionately. Consistently.

The thought of The Blog Whisperer stopping is frightening.

What will the Tribe do without jeff noel? What will jeff noel do without the Tribe. Without blogging?

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Creative Blogging Solutions

The only people who love to travel are those that don’t. (No offense)

With extended trips this month to Nova Scotia, Hong Kong Disneyland, Michigan, even Atlanta, jeff noel had to brainstorm creative blogging solutions.

WordPress, the world’s most popular and easy to use blogging platform, has so many free features it’ll make your head spin. jeff noel chose the easiest, most obvious blogger’s solution.

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When We Get Older

When we get older we confuse boredom with hunger. We’re bored, so we eat.

In our youth, it’s reversed – we confuse hunger with boredom.

In the first, we drift so far away from our best, we can’t recall the last time we were great.

In the latter, we are so hungry to do something great, but lack confidence and skill. So we get bored being ordinary and blending in, quit, and take our place in the line labeled mediocre.

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Not Yet, Not Ever

Recently, a Florida CEO made a (profound) statement, “We have yet to find the best way to do anything”.

Continuous improvement, six sigma, whatever you call it – the road to excellence has no finish line.

A leader’s job isn’t to maintain, it’s to make things better. So that when she leaves, people will say, wow, she sure pushed the boundaries and helped our organization become a household name, just like she envisioned.

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