This Is What Happens The Harder You Work

The harder you work, the more you take risks, the greater confidence you develop in knowing the audience knows the truth.

And so, here’s the truth, in this picture, about jeff noel The Blog Whisperer…

The wish we all wish for is Peace. Easier to teach others when you have a bunch yourself.

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What’s Your Social Net-Worth? Not Nearly What You Might Think When You Do The Math

Most can’t see it. The very people hiding Friend’s status updates likely have theirs hidden. So then what’s the net worth of a social network? Two pics, same subject…

One with intentional reflection. The other, without. jeff noel’s goal – capture a glimpse of the artist in action, but afraid most would call it sloppy.

Being antagonistic feels good, and not so good. The intent is only for good.

Tell us again your social net worth.

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Courage, Respect, Openness, Honesty, Facebook…

Disney Pin set, a gift from a friend.

Courage, respect, openness, honesty, Facebook….

The revelation…

Most people don’t have active, robust Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and You Tube accounts. So their social net-worth is invested in Facebook.

It’s much clearer now.

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Do You Prefer To Consume Facebook On Your Phone Or Laptop?

As much as an iPhone can do, not a fan reading Facebook on it. Much prefer Laptop.

This notion of hiding Friends status updates is confusing. Have always assumed no one on Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube would pay attention – too much volume.

But Facebook? This is going to be interesting. 🙂

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jeff noel Almost Had A Nuclear Meltdown When I Heard This About Facebook

Flying over Pennsylvania a month ago…is this Three Mile Island?

Growing up near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and having a brother-in-law who works there, Three Mile Island (TMI) is part of my life.

TMI had a famous meltdown March 28, 1979.

jeff noel didn’t have a meltdown until 2011, when a friend told me you can hide Facebook friend’s status updates. What? Seriously? A ‘friend’ not want to hear my conversation?

Rut roe.

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