The Thing I Love The Most

Seems I can’t go anywhere and not feel compelled to photograph…

One of the things I love most about becoming The Blog Whisperer is how much it has freed me from worry. The other thing I love is how much 5 daily, differently themed blogs has meant to you.

Mid Life Celebration is a symbiotic relationship. Being different (than other bloggers) doesn’t mean bad, unacceptable or better. Different means pushing the boundaries.

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WordPress Blogging Solution

Never get bored with life’s basics…

Does being organized and planning ahead make life easier or harder? Then why do so many people panic?

The WordPress Blogging Solution jeff noel chose was the easiest and most obvious – write and schedule posts to post ahead of time. In two weekends, jeff noel wrote all of March’s posts, totaling 155.

That was the moment the epiphany came…

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Creative Blogging Solutions

The only people who love to travel are those that don’t. (No offense)

With extended trips this month to Nova Scotia, Hong Kong Disneyland, Michigan, even Atlanta, jeff noel had to brainstorm creative blogging solutions.

WordPress, the world’s most popular and easy to use blogging platform, has so many free features it’ll make your head spin. jeff noel chose the easiest, most obvious blogger’s solution.

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