The harsh reality is that we are tempted to not do this

Winnipeg Jets sweatshirt and teddy Bear
How’s our stamina for doing the little things?


It’s no secret that exceeding expectations is done simply by paying attention to all the details of the work.

The harsh reality is that we are tempted to not do this because many of the things we could easily do will go unnoticed.

Well, most people will not notice, but some will.

Do it for the ‘some’.

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What are the three untapped areas for going beyond the call of duty?

Photo of classroom customer service insight
Going beyond the call of duty is so easy, but most haven’t a clue how


Are there simple, transformational tools in existence that 99.99% of the population is unaware of?


Take the photo above for example.

Most people only focus on what someone needs.

There are three other astonishing places to address in order to go above and beyond the call of duty.

How do I know?

Been doing it for 30 years.

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Go Daddy Is Awesome

Go Daddy is awesome.  The past two days I’ve reconnected with Go Daddy, and remember why I love them so much.

They offer world class customer service.  Consistently. Great product.  Great price. Great selection.  Great service.

That’s all a person can ask for, isn’t it?  That a company would live up to their promise every day, with every interaction.

Impossible?  Probably.  But Go Daddy seems to have a much higher “success rate” than most companies I’ve worked with over 50 years.

Anyway, WordPress updates are done.  Web analytics are clearer.  Web statistics are way up.  Double and triple in many areas.  The reason? Because of people like you, reading this now.