The Trouble With Success

December 28, 2010 - As We Speak....

Let’s say you start to ignite a fire in the souls of your customers. Then what? Now you’re stuck. You can’t quit! Can you?

So now the bar continues to rise. If you don’t continue to fulfill your purpose – connecting your emotional product with your customer’s soul – you loose.

Being a small business entrepreneur, this has never been more clear than the past three months. Numbers are climbing so fast…

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Where Do Nice Guys Finish?

Hayward Field, University of Oregon
Hayward Field, University of Oregon
Apple Store Is 30 Minutes Away
Apple Store Is 30 Minutes Away

A week ago I dropped my fairly new iPhone 4, destroying the screen. Went online and scheduled an Apple Customer Service call. A little later, we spoke, and they were willing to overnight a new iPhone 4. Declining the overnight option, I decided to take my chances, and had the phone rep book a Genius Bar appointment at the local Apple Store.

So I get to the Apple store, but left within 10 minutes.

You see, the Apple Genius Bar guy claimed the phone rep said everything correctly except for one thing. “Uh oh”, I thought, “What did he forget to tell me?”

The Apple Store guy says, “He didn’t tell you that I can give you a new phone at no charge.”

He said telling the truth goes a long way.

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Back Home Like Nothing Ever Happened
Back Home Like Nothing Ever Happened

It Doesn’t Matter Epiphany

Life's Big Four
Life's Big Four

Thursday night our son(9) and I were enjoying the pool as the hot Florida sun was preparing to set.

As I floated on the raft, our conversation turned to business and I was explaining the money quadrant in the Mid Life Celebration model.

Listening to the echo of my own voice, I had to go inside and write this down:

“I thought I was worried about alienating myself from my friends. Turns out I was worried about whether I was right or wrong.”

Your Brand Isn’t Good Enough

Best Daddy In the Universe
Best Daddy In the Universe

Your “Brand” is the first thing people think of when they hear your name or see you.

Brand is your reputation.

Most people think they have little to no control over this.


And here’s a blinding flash of the obvious, there’s a monumental difference between a good brand and a great brand.

Are you complacent or committed?

Orlando’s jeff noel & Branding

Orlando’s jeff noel talks about Air Tran’s quest for excellence and domination in a tough business and even tougher economy.

Here’s jeff noel’s You Tube video from June 4, on a return trip from the University of Pittsburgh to Orlando.

Watch this You Tube video on Air Tran’s Branding to see what I’m talking about:

Every day is a great day to Brand Yourself. Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂