Seriously, even if your life depended on it?

life is good
life is good

Seriously, even if your life depended on it? Yes, even if my life depended on it. But in true professional fashion, I’ve been focused, disciplined, and diligent – to a fault you might say. My dear friend and former colleague in yesterday’s photo reminded me a few important lessons the final time we taught in May, just before her retirement…

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We All Have An Unlimited Number Of Choices On The Internet

The jolly one in a hat. That’s the authentic one.

What we are all looking for is the easy answer, the simple solution, the idea that will ease our pain.

Insight: There is too much clutter and noise on the Internet. Trust the supplier who’s message is simple and who’s intent is authentic. You do know how to tell, right?

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jungle jeff noel And The Art Of Internet Real Estate

jeff noel & Ellen are both funny people who feel obligated to push the envelope

Sure, jungle jeff noel knows a lot about social media with decent numbers of blog visits (1mil+ annually), You Tube views (45k), Twitter followers (5k+). Google page rank (#1) and other search engine optimization too. He voluntarily stepped down from blogging professionally, before a corporate social media policy was even created. He trusted his intuition.

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Happy Birthday You Tube

Wanna Watch You Tube?
Wanna Watch You Tube?

You Tube.  You love to watch it.

You Tube videos are funny, serious, wacky, sexy, vulgar, informative, personal, revealing, captivating.

Google bought You Tube for $1.65 Billion.

This, in less than five years.

Crazy idea, that You Tube thing, all those five years ago.

There will be another crazy thing.  One after the other.  The really crazy thing is that it can now come from anyone, anywhere.

Will your idea be the next viral Internet phenomenon?  Maybe that’s too big.

Will your idea be the next big thing in your department, your division, your organization, your industry?

Wouldn’t challenge you if I didn’t believe I could do it myself.  Seriously.

Lead or follow.  Remember?