Twitterdom or Wisdom?

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Twitterdom or Wisdom?

This thought-provoking article is worth a few minutes of your time.

Oh, I almost forgot, you don’t have 180 seconds to spare.

I was at Starbucks on Friday and ordered a tall (which is really a small – too funny) cup of coffee.  They were out.  So if Starbucks has to brew a fresh pot for you – in 180 seconds – they provide it complimentary.

When he made the offer, I thought, “I don’t have three minutes.  I gotta get going“.

Then it hit me, “If you don’t have 180 seconds to spare in your life, you better go look in the mirror and ask why”, I said to myself.

It was amazing, in those brief three minutes, what I saw in the mirror.

I saw a man who has a difficult time fitting all life’s puzzle pieces together.  But a man who doesn’t give up.

I was sad and happy all in the course of 180 seconds.

After picking up my son at summer camp, we went to Gold’s Gym for an hour.

It was a great day, because I took even more time to reflect on what’s important, and then acted on it

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

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