The freedom an entrepreneurial lifestyle brings

Howe ridge fire
It’s doubled since this photo a few days ago. Note the expected containment date, 2.5 months from now.


The freedom an entrepreneurial lifestyle brings is the payoff for the never-guaranteed success that only comes from taking the risk to do something that may not work.

But what actually makes it work is refusing to fail – in essence, refusing to quit.

You have to have a “burn-the-ships” passion.

Win or die.

Not becoming an entrepreneur leads to stress…

Stress is caused by the imbalance between effort and results.

We all want freedom, especially after we have spent decades in our careers, but few of us are willing to risk the effort required to get the results we dream of.


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Stop thinking something better is next

Donut or apple?  Also, this image is a photo, not a video.


i’d love to get you to .think .differently

To take your new thinking – those thoughts about potentially scalable, remarkable, and game-changing insights – to take them to a noble place.

And then.

To stop thinking.

Stop thinking something better is next.





Better to act on your thinking and create transformation.

Better to do ‘80% and go’ then wait for every “i” to be dotted and every “t” to be crossed.

(analysis paralysis)

Standing still – just thinking new thoughts.

To believe you know a new and stunning insight.

It’s not enough.




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Dear Son, can trying not so hard be a breakthrough?

Holy Family Catholic Church Orlando
Compelled to take this photo from the last row, next to the “Cry Room”.


i’ve always believed this to be true, but am not sure i can recall the last time it felt real – felt transformational.

Letting go of any motive that isn’t genuine.

i continue to write because i’ve discovered how much it transforms me – one single, solitary day (step) at a time.

i began writing seven years ago because i thought it was the best way to be a successful speaker.


But now i see why, and it is not for the reasons i originally thought.

The harder i work, the luckier i get. Seems so anyway.




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We pretty much do what we set out to do

Coca Cola napkin


Coca Cola napkin



(photo: Yesterday on a plane home from Houston… reminding us we focus where we want to focus, and that makes all the difference in what we see… and achieve)

What would you do if you could do anything?

Would you focus on saving a few dollars here and there by cutting expenses?

Would you focus on earning new contracts worth an exponentially greater revenue than a few dollars?

The difference in where we spend our time is the difference in the results we get.

Set the bar low or set it high, odds are we’ll get close.

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What happens when we are intentional where the Herd is unintentional?

jungle jeff older blog post with clear vision
Clear, concise, compelling? Not for everyone.


Never get bored with the basics. You know, complicated stuff like common sense.

When you do the common things in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. – George Washington Carver

When we are intentional where the Herd is unintentional or completely oblivious, we pique the worlds attention.


But it happens.

It’s happening here.

And it’s seems like it’s taking forever, but in reality, the seed is only breaking the soil’s surface.

Insight: Patience is strength.

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