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Since just before our son (10) was born, I’ve carried a pocket camera everywhere, everyday.

Running in Chandler, Arizona last month, these 3 flags seemed noteworthy. Freedom of speech, a pioneer spirit and indomitable will, creativity, prosperity.

Before revealing what many of you already know (there are no secrets anymore), I just want to say thank you for flowing these blogs…

jeff noel, small business entrepreneur, is earning his MBA – through social media marketing, storytelling and the spreading of an idea virus.

If you click through to jeff, you’ll find the 4,000th blog post.

One Professor calls me an over-achiever.

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MBA Updates

Every Day Is Hard
Every Day Is Hard

The typical MBA program lasts 2-3 years.

The Internet MBA program I’m taking requires three years of arduous work with only two grade options:

  1. Pass
  2. Fail

Just passed the half-way mark.

Tracking towards the pass category, but have no guarantees.

Have you ever approached any major life milestones with an all or nothing effort?

Tomorrow you’ll see some mid-term “grades”. Today, you can see a humbling project report number here.

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Less Than Half Benchmarking

This Hangs In My Office
Christopher Needed To Be Spoon Fed

Note: This is sort of a spoof, a play on words.

There’s a new personal transformation company I found(ed), called Less Than Half Benchmarking.

Well, that’s really only partially true. It’s not called Less Than Half Benchmarking. It’s called Mid Life Celebration.

But less than half of you reading this will visit  Mid Life Celebration today.

Doing stuff that matters is hard work.

And even fewer will visit another benchmarking site, where there is a temptation to view excellence as showing off.

I promise to help you think differently.

You promise to not expect to be spoon-fed.

Nothing Is Routine Anymore

Shot 5 You Tube Videos From Raft
Shot 5 You Tube Videos From Raft

Saturday mornings. Many people have rituals, routines, they do on Saturday mornings. Or any morning for that matter. And many of our routines depend on where we are in life.

What did you do this past Saturday? Was it a routine or was it out of the ordinary?

I went jogging with my Accountant on a route twice as long as normal, so we had much more time to talk.

With the advent of Reality Shows, Twitter, Skype, Blogs, and Texting, there is a case to be made for developing a new business model. Suppose a creative, restless, passionate entrepreneur paves the way for Reality Blogging.