Humility can get in the way of Marketing

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Humility can get in the way of Marketing. When you are one of the best in the world, everyone knows it. What they often don’t know is how generous, approachable, and available you are for world class transformational benchmarking.

Google helps with that.

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Less Than Half Benchmarking

This Hangs In My Office
Christopher Needed To Be Spoon Fed

Note: This is sort of a spoof, a play on words.

There’s a new personal transformation company I found(ed), called Less Than Half Benchmarking.

Well, that’s really only partially true. It’s not called Less Than Half Benchmarking. It’s called Mid Life Celebration.

But less than half of you reading this will visit  Mid Life Celebration today.

Doing stuff that matters is hard work.

And even fewer will visit another benchmarking site, where there is a temptation to view excellence as showing off.

I promise to help you think differently.

You promise to not expect to be spoon-fed.

National Speakers Association

Public speakers who get paid are called Professional Speakers. Professional Speakers who become certified through The National Speakers Association are designated as CSP – Certified professional Speaker.

Public speaking is the greatest fear humans have, even greater than the fear of dying.  Mastering this fear has certain benefits that are challenging to explain.

National Speakers Association ( NSA ) Winter Conference – You Tube video update:

If you are an accomplished or an aspiring Professional Speaker, NSA is guaranteed to help you succeed, no matter your current skill level.