Reality Blogging?

I See A Story Everywhere, In Everything
I See A Story Everywhere, In Everything

Last week I posted about an entrepreneurial idea.

What if everything you did could be considered a business expense?

My Accountant friend looked at me, while we were jogging, as if I had lost my mind.

I can’t expense a hair cut, but what if the whole experience was part of some bigger picture? A look at an ordinary life, trying to change the world, one blog post at a time?

People said Napster’s business model would fail, plus, they said, it was illegal.

Anyone subscribe to Napster or Rhapsody music service?

Just because no one has done it and everyone says it’s not legal, doesn’t mean the world (or one lone soul) isn’t ready to embrace it.

No, Seriously, I Do
No, Seriously, I Do

Get Used To It

Failure Is Not An Option
Failure Is Not An Option

Impossible is for amateurs.

Impossible is nothing.

If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

People will call you crazy. Get used to it.

People will tell you it can’t be done. Get used to it.

You’ll want to quit chasing your crazy, impossible goals. Don’t get used to it.

Nothing Is Routine Anymore

Shot 5 You Tube Videos From Raft
Shot 5 You Tube Videos From Raft

Saturday mornings. Many people have rituals, routines, they do on Saturday mornings. Or any morning for that matter. And many of our routines depend on where we are in life.

What did you do this past Saturday? Was it a routine or was it out of the ordinary?

I went jogging with my Accountant on a route twice as long as normal, so we had much more time to talk.

With the advent of Reality Shows, Twitter, Skype, Blogs, and Texting, there is a case to be made for developing a new business model. Suppose a creative, restless, passionate entrepreneur paves the way for Reality Blogging.