Disney would never do this

Catch my comment? Fascinated by it all.

Looks like there’s a Disney Experience coming to Orlando…in the next photo.

Three circles and the Disney brand name without copyright. Man, i can’t imagine attempting that.
Social media photo capture. All three photos today are social media screen captures to illustrate a point.

Disney would never do this.


Use someone else’s copyrighted and branded images without permission.

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Life is not fair

Orlando Disney Customer Service Speakers


(photo: MBA student’s daily homework.)

A graduating MBA student asked for advice because she is encountering one dead end after another.

But she’s smart because she realizes there are many other candidates with MBA’s.

An MBA doesn’t open the door for someone to come waltzing in.

Not fair is it?

Another option is to actually start your own business and administer it. A self-made MBA.

Nothing like the real thing to put things in perspective.

And yes, life is not fair.

The amount of work it takes to get picked is unfair.

Get used to it.

Because if you want something as badly as you want your next breathe, now is your time.

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All opinions are, and have always been, this kind

Four Florida Sand Hill Cranes in front yard
Real life in real time. 50 meters from driveway entrance


All opinions on all Mid Life Celebration, LLC’s websites, are and have always been, this kind.


My personal opinions should never, in any way, be misconstrued nor interpreted as that of my full-time employer.

That being said, I work on the coolest, most innovative, passionate, talented, dedicated, fun, caring, forward-thinking, game-changing, and influential team of people one could hope to work with.

Feeling blessed.

And inspired.

And lucky.

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It Goes Without Saying If You’ve Read Any Of jeff noel’s Five Daily Blogs

jeff noel's Five Daily Mid Life Celebration Blogs started as a project for his Son

It goes without saying if you’ve read any of jeff noel’s five daily blogs. But noel will say it again anyway. The writing, photos, videos and all other content on all Mid Life Celebration websites and blogs are strictly his own personal opinion.

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Pick Your Path
Pick Your Path

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There, that should about cover all the stuff you are responsible for when you are a small business entrepreneur.

Any questions?