Being Brave Means Putting A Plan In Place, And Being Willing To Detour But Not Quit

Detour the path if need be, but not the goal.

Nine days into 2012, are you (still) feeling brave? It’s up to us to feel this way. Every single day. Midlife Celebration’s plan has detoured, going places never intended. None of these was ever intended: wellness expert, work life balance expert, The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger, Cub Scout Chaplain, prolific blogger.

Two questions:

  1. Are you willing to detour?
  2. Are you willing to quit?

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It Would Seem Like A Common Sense Decision To Go, To Make Mistakes, To Make Progress

How many in that cemetery, on their death bed, said they would have done it differently

The beautiful and wonderful thing about humans is that each of us is made so uniquely special. Deep down, every Baby Boomer knows this. As we get older, wiser, and more anxious about death (if we’re smart), we can leverage this moment in our lives – to do something great.

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