Goals for beginners

GNP. Mt Reynolds, center. View from Mt Oberlin.

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.

Tom Landry

Things will work out better than you plan, or worse than you plan. No one has a crystal ball to hit the bullseye exactly. Plan and react accordingly for each scenario.


Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity.


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Technically, i should still be working at Disney

Disney Dream restaurant design
The Enchanted Garden Restaurant onboard the Disney Dream cruise ship.


If it hadn’t been for the 2008-2009 economic crisis and the ensuing Disney layoffs, i’d still be working for Disney.

  1. i would not be an author.
  2. i would not be a business owner.
  3. i would not be a an executive coach.

i would have wound up with 40 years at Disney instead of 30, retiring in 2024 instead of 2014.


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Most businesses announce what they’re going to do

planner office
someone’s gotta plan what the future’s going to look like

Most businesses announce what they’re going to do. Why? It helps keep investors, vendors, customers, and employees (maybe Wall Street too) interested. Interest is good for business, and keeps pipelines open and flowing.

So not doing what most do intrigues me. Professionally and personally.

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So I’ve stopped talking about what I’m going to do

will tell ya when I'm going to celebrate, but not until somethings been accomplished

Man, we spend our entire lives talking about what we’re going to do. And how much of it actually happens? So I’m no longer content with talking about what I’m gonna do. Instead, if someone asks, then I’ll share what’s been done.

Does this thought process ever cross your mind?

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I’m on to something and you’re the first to hear about it

no, i haven’t started drinking again…there’s always a lot of courage when you’re drunk

There’s something to this and you’re the first to hear about it. Aging scares many people. So does retirement. We shouldn’t be afraid of either. But we are. And the end result is we avoid thinking about endings. Have already begun changing that… been working on it for 3.5 years so far…

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