Plan B to the rescue

17 second 2020 video: Another look from 8,900′, not far from the Great Cleft.

Plan B to the rescue.

Context, the first part of creating a Plan B is to let go of Plan A.

Losing the way was unexpected. When Steve and Stacy led us to the summit, it seemed straightforward.

Knew in advance the trickiest part is at 8,900′ to find the great cleft entrance. You cannot see the great cleft until you round a corner and stand at its base. Then, the seven-story vertical crevasse (cleft) is unmistakable.

However, staying calm, reading the rocks, and remembering how manageable my first summit was i still failed to find the way.

So i sat and enjoyed the view from that spot.

Stopping to soak in the view from there never happens when you are on a mission to summit.

Sitting quietly, all alone, end of September. Odds are decent i may be the last person in 2020 to attempt Pollock Mountain’s summit. Same for Piegan.

The entire Park becomes quiet, almost uninhabited by humans.

One-million acres of wild.

Surrounded by several more million acres of wilderness on all four sides.

Knowing the only forward movement would be a descent, i started forward movement back to the Pollock-Piegan saddle.

With extra time as the descent began, i veered left, well above the saddle. Almost behind Pollock’s West face.

And just sat.



Breathtakingly invigorating.

This kind of isolation is rare.

Even for me.

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C S Coach

southwest USA high mountain desert from jet
Upper right: the dam and lake from last blog. Searched Google for Southwest USA dams. Can’t find a match.

C S Coach.

Not C S Lewis.

C S Coach.

Can’t share why publicly.


Probably go to hell for the sarcasm.

But, next time you see me….


This concludes today’s fun riff capturing the newest ‘book titles’. Prior to today, Judas stood alone. Feels therapeutic to add three new ‘titles’ – Ms. Treeted, Dr. Unk, and C S Coach.

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Disney Leadership lessons

Social media images from this morning, February 28, 2022. Reminds me of how divided social media makes family, friends, coworkers, etc. Two overwhelmingly vocal mindsets: (1) keep up with the times (our $200/year dues haven’t increased in 26 years) versus (2) if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Change is life’s only constant. Agree or disagree, embrace or resist, change doesn’t care.

Disney’s Leadership produces an annual global recognition as one of the top-10 most admired companies in the world.

Our (Disney) over-focus on the same things others under-focus on or ignore is the reason.

Learned it, did it, and eventually taught it to over one-million external people. And, of course, taught it to countless frontline Cast Members simply as a frontline Disney Operations leader.

It works.

It produces exceptional results – organizational vibrancy if you will.

i continue to teach it 40 years after my original January 1982 Disney hire date.

We live less than one mile from Walt Disney World. The Vacation Capital of the World.

High probability that some people hate Disney and the employees (Cast Members) who work at Disney.


No idea.

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Audience participation

Album lyrics
Souvenirs lyrics inside album.

While the first listed lyrics (photo above) is from There’s a Place In the World For a Gambler, it’s actually the closing song on Souvenirs.

Apparently, he also closed many concerts with the song too.

Note: In searching You Tube for a version of this song, just now (2022) discovered Dan smoked cigarettes.

Oh well.

Be an accepting person. We all have our vices. One of mine is writing.

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Scale teaching love

Disney author Jeff Noel storyboard
(Please) get the dang books written, bruh.

Scale teaching love.

Another thing i think about quitting is working.

If business fell in my lap, could do it for the rest of my life.

Historically, the pre-contract work (getting to the contract) feels like work; like a have-to-do.

Get-to-do ratio needs to hover around 95-98%.

Sure it’s lofty.

That’s the Disney Way.

Set and achieve no small goal.

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