Collaborated with our Son and a trusted colleague

Lee Cockerell highly recommends this book.

Collaborated with our Son and a trusted colleague to run a few thoughts by them before i sent an email or made a phone call to the event owner in yesterday stories over the past week.

The colleague referred to a book (photo above) Lee Cockerell highly recommends.

While i will likely never read it, there was solace provided by my colleague in his recommendation.

Basically, do not compromise on your video and audio recording are strictly prohibited.

Son, this is why working at Disney takes special people to constantly give much more than any industry standard for resolving Customer, Employee, or Vendor tensions. Not all people are able to do this generously, for a lifetime. Some are challenged to do it for a single day.

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Life is not fair

Orlando Disney Customer Service Speakers


(photo: MBA student’s daily homework.)

A graduating MBA student asked for advice because she is encountering one dead end after another.

But she’s smart because she realizes there are many other candidates with MBA’s.

An MBA doesn’t open the door for someone to come waltzing in.

Not fair is it?

Another option is to actually start your own business and administer it. A self-made MBA.

Nothing like the real thing to put things in perspective.

And yes, life is not fair.

The amount of work it takes to get picked is unfair.

Get used to it.

Because if you want something as badly as you want your next breathe, now is your time.

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We cry out…for business to be fair but it never will

business fairness
we cry out for business to be fair but it never will be

Jeremy Camp’s We Cry Out show was inspiring, fun, and thought-provoking. But nothing is ever exactly as it appears. In business, in the church, in our hearts. Yet, we ignorantly hope for business (and life) to be fair.

When we cry out at work, there’s not much sympathy. That’s the cool part about balancing our work place with a spiritual place. They are often dramatically different, yet we desperately need them both.

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Overheard Two Secrets

Is There A Third Secret Item?
Is There A Third Secret Item?

Ever been in a casual conversation and out of nowhere, a profound insight is spoken, and no one notices but you? It seemed even the person speaking was unaware.

Recently, a friend was talking about leadership and said, “If you are fair and have good follow-through, they will do anything for you”.

Isn’t that all any of us want in a leader?

If you could add just one more value or skill for leadership success, what would it be?

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