In May, 2018 has already exceeded my business expectations

hidden Mickeys
Drain cover at Disney with Hidden Mickey.


magic Kingdom Tunnel map
From someone’s social media feed yesterday.


Magic Kingdom Main Street empty
Never gets old. Another social media screenshot from Twitter yesterday.


In May, 2018 has already exceeded my business expectations.

Economically, anything else i do for the final seven months of the year is extra.

This is year four on my own and it’s a wonderful reality.

Year two began similarly from January through May, and then the economic abyss.

Let my guard down and had a scary seven months.

And i am completely aware that 2019  business is never guaranteed.

Such is the life of a solo entrepreneur.

My gut tells me a uniquely packaged, never-before-published series of (7) Disney Business books has the potential to create a business Magic beyond comprehension.

And more importantly, provide every business professional in the world with finger-tip access to Disney’s Cultural DNA.


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This Must Be What It Feels Like To Want To Come Out Of The Closet

Walking back to the car after lunch at Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort, near Magic Kingdom.

Social media policies are changing, growing, evolving – getting more practical. This is great news for early adopters to blogging, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media marketing tools.

Nearing my 4,000th blog post, there is this (almost burning) desire after two years of daily blogging – a desire to come out of the closet and reveal a part of my identity.

It seems prehistoric, and almost immoral, to feel like a person has to conceal who they really are…

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Why Is It So Hard To Keep A Secret?

Recently took our son (10) to lunch at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. It’s a 4-mile drive from home. We walked under this structure, a part of our “hometown”.

It’s no secret where I’ve worked for the past 27 years. These blogs are entirely my personal thoughts and opinions though.

People think if you don’t say where you work, no one will know.

Enter Google. There are no secrets anymore.

Pretending there are, is like living in Fantasyland.

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Do Your Kids Love To Have Fun?

Sunday’s unhurried monorail ride from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to Epcot had us stop at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Disney’s Transportation and Ticket Center, where we disembarked one Disney monorail to board the Epcot Express monorail.

Like Father, like son. On the Magic Kingdom monorail platform, he was taking pictures, unbeknownst to me, of the same things I was taking pictures of.

So many things compete for our time and yet all our kids want to do is have fun with their Family.

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