Boss, Please Check Your Watch

Yesterday’s message was a wake-up call for employees. I mean, duh, we all should be giving 110%.

Today, Saturday, we can flip the equation around.

Employers, are you giving 110%?

We can confidently predict that Employee satisfaction scores are at or near record lows. Can’t we?

So much energy is spent (rightfully so) on survival, sales and minimizing loss.

I mean, when was the last time your boss said, “Thank you, you’re indispensable”?

It’s grueling. Hey boss, please check your watch.

What time is it?

Time to be worried your best people are looking for alternatives.

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Employee Benefits

Employee retention isn’t just about paying a decent wage or salary, it’s about having intangible employee perks too.

Owning  a Corporation has overwhelming risks, and, glorious opportunities. Like being able to say thank you to anyone you want.

One man, and one man only, is responsible for two big breaks in my career. Richard made it possible for me to become a fledgling professional speaker in 1999.

Richard’s Father, 87, a 3-time Purple Heart recipient, has hope again:

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Make Dramatic Leaps in Perfomance!

Make Dramatic Leaps in Performance!

What do you do to make Dramatic leaps in Guest Service?  Dramatic leaps in Financial Results?  Dramatic leaps in Employee Satisfaction?

Please don’t get me wrong, small, daily, incremental improvements are the name of the game.  Right?  Well, almost.

We all focus on continuous improvement through daily efforts to make small improvements, that add up over time.  Saving money.  Losing weight.  Writing a book.  Developing a new relationship.  Changing a habit.  Creating a habit.  These things don’t happen overnight.  Do they?

The challenge and the opportunity for me? I’m on a mission to make a dramatic leap in my ability to deliver value to those I serve.

What do you think Walt Disney would have used the Internet for?  What are you using it for?

What are you doing today, this week, this month, to make Dramatic Leaps in performance?

Daily improvements with the goal of Dramatic breakthroughs, is an integral part of every great company’s Culture.

Make today the day you get another step closer to your dramatic leap, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Know the mistake smart people make?

Wanna know one of the biggest mistakes smart people make?

Sophisticated and intelligent, most organizations wordsmith their vision, mission and brand statements for the benefit of looking good to Wall Street and their Board of Directors.

Here’s the paradox, in a quote from someone really smart.

Complexity holds people back from acting because they don’t know which action will have impact”.

What smart person said that?

It was Bill Gates, in a Rolling Stone article I read in October 2007.

Next question.

Do you agree with Bill? Why or why not?

Wanna know my opinion?  It sounds bloody brilliant to me.

Many organizations are tempted to put together various “decks” with really cool, lofty, even inspirational stuff. That’s what great organizations do, right?

They capture the essence of the vision, mission, brand, etc. on “paper”, so that new and existing employees will be fully engaged, and committed.

Here’s the paradox: People are too busy to remember what you’re really trying to say.

My mission is to help people take it from the paper to the floor.

I have many ways in which to do this. For the sake of a shorter post, I’ll stop here.

Carpe diem, make it a GREAT day for your employees, customers and shareholders. If you don’t, who will. jungle jeff 🙂