i am Disney

Disney Speakers
Two of us are Disney.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Intentionally placed on every table.


Disney Institute seminar Speakers
Balloons intentionally placed to create Magic. Height was definitely not intentional.


We were awarded this distinctive honor yesterday.


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Disney’s secret strategy for having great employees

Human resources secrets weapon
Screen shot from LinkedIn


No one outside of Disney wants to believe it’s this simple.

Do you want happy, friendly, outgoing employees serving your customers?

Then hire happy, friendly, outgoing people.

You can tell if they are in the first 10 seconds you meet them.

PS. You can hire people who are not outgoing, and their place in your organization will be better suited for back-of-the-house (no-Guest-contact) positions. You want people in front of your customers and patients who are a natural, unforced, fit.

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Boss, Please Check Your Watch

Yesterday’s message was a wake-up call for employees. I mean, duh, we all should be giving 110%.

Today, Saturday, we can flip the equation around.

Employers, are you giving 110%?

We can confidently predict that Employee satisfaction scores are at or near record lows. Can’t we?

So much energy is spent (rightfully so) on survival, sales and minimizing loss.

I mean, when was the last time your boss said, “Thank you, you’re indispensable”?

It’s grueling. Hey boss, please check your watch.

What time is it?

Time to be worried your best people are looking for alternatives.

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Hugged Your Employees Lately?

Group Hug
Group Hug

Ever been an employee on the front line most of, or all your life?

Leaders, do you have any idea what it’s like to spend your career working for people like you?

Your employees complain about you as much as you complain about them being high-maintenance, needy, and whiney. It’s simply a fact of life and any amount of denial is ignorant.

Most leaders are good at never letting their employees see or hear this. And employees are good at keeping their secrets too.

Quite amusing actually, because neither one thinks the other knows.

Maybe we simply learn to tune it out the same way we slowly, steadily tune out our declining health, and fail to ever make transformational changes to reverse the slow, steady, and sure signs.

We medicate ourselves with our work, with our misery, and we flock to people who share our pain and frustration.

When maybe, we should find that emotional strength we found buried deep inside us that was rediscovered in the days following 9/11.

Maybe then we could justify hugging our employees.  Maybe then transformational change could begin and a new era of teamwork and respect could have wings of hope.