Social Media Celebrities?

It Will Take All You've Got
It Will Take All You've Got

When I asked Tiger Woods those two questions a while back, do you remember the answers?

  1. “Out work ’em!”
  2. “Since day one.”

Social Media Examiner, a new favorite social media “how to” site, posted an article two days ago.

Just had to share it. The 5 pros and the 5 cons are spot on.

Make no small plans…

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Does Tiger Woods have a coach?

First of all, it’s amazing this is the first post here since November 17, 2008.  Can you believe that?

I can’t.  It boggles the mind how time flies.

Anyway, wanted to ask you this.  “Does Tiger Woods have a coach”?

Is his coach a better golfer? Then why on earth does Tiger have a coach? Seriously. Have you ever thought about that?

I’d like to recommend Disney Institute.  Walt Disney was a creative genius.

This is the very reason why Disney Institute makes sense for individuals and organizations desiring to become world-class.


If I have to explain it, you won’t understand.   Disney Institute doesn’t know more about your business than you do, but they serve businesses like Tiger’s coach serves him.

If you don’t make benchmarking a priority, who will?

Go to to learn how you can become, or stay, world-class.