This leadership issue almost exclusively is in our application

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Only one person in charge – the CEO of You, Inc


Having the information we need to be an effective leader is rarely the issue. This issue almost exclusively is in our application.

Consider this potential mind binder…

Who’s the best leader you’ve had in your career?

Second best?

We often make excuses about our lack of peak performance because our leader does or doesn’t do extraordinarily beneficial things.

Epiphany: We should be the best leader we’ve ever had.

And we are in charge of doing extraordinarily beneficial things for our career.

The headwaters of great leadership begins with self motivation and self mastery.

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Same old same old could be the best indication you are becoming a great artist

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We want the top box choice to be a no brainer for the people completing the evaluations


Same old same old could be the best indication you are becoming a great artist.

Two days ago the client said the content delivery was the best she’s ever seen.

When these kinds of comments seem to follow wherever we go, we are becoming something remarkable.

Because we rarely remark when things are simply satisfactory.

Remarks predictably start flying when it’s awful or when it’s amazing.

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Is It Too Difficult To Make Excellence A Daily Habit?

Did you catch the first sentence? A one-man cultural blitz. Why? Tebow has only one standard.

Culture is what people think and do, without thinking. Dear Son, because of your proximity to Walt Disney World, I can see you’re starting to comprehend where my constant focus and discipline comes from.

Is it too difficult to make excellence a daily habit? Not if you immerse yourself in a culture where excellence is the only acceptable standard.

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