It’s the same for all of us

Disney Instructional designer and Disney professional speaker
These two met in 1999 and have remained thought partners ever since. Photo: yesterday outside the local grocery store.


Everything i do is either going to raise my average or lower it.

Same with you.

The choices we make.

The effort we put in.

The things we read.

Our thoughts.

Our dreams.

The people we hang to with.

Leadership isn’t about maintaining our average output, it’s about making our output better.

An output much better than anyone, including ourselves, believes is possible.

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It’s really simple

simple doesn’t mean easy, it only means not complex


It’s really simple. Be determined to reach your loftiest, most noble goals. Be humble in your journey and with your inevitable successes (and failures). Keep things as simple as possible.

Simple enough, even a child could understand.

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What one foot in front of the other really means

a brand new day
today is another glorious gift of a brand new day….

What one foot in front of the other really means? It means keep moving. An object, once in motion, tends to stay in motion.

From a butt-kicking 100-day writing challenge, to an 1186 day writing streak. One day at a time. You can do what you want to do…one day at a time.

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Photo: Lincoln Memorial, June 28, 2012…sunrise