No, this time i mean it!

Three cubs are rare. Three determined efforts to transform is rare too.

No, this time i really mean it!



Quit drinking.

Oh, and writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts for 100 consecutive days.

Both succeeded only after two failed attempts at, ” No, this time i really mean it!”

They say third time’s a charm.

True that.

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When it rains it pours

Glacier National Park Lake McDonald rainstorm
Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, July 2015.


We see what we want to see. Patience is a virtue that we will never believe in if we aren’t willing to have faith in our integrity and expertise.

Three days ago signed a three-day engagement contract with a local client.

Last night another client got the green light from their Board to engage in an external business advisor (possibly me).

Out of the blue yesterday, a third client reached out to continue discussion about engaging my Disney expertise.

Also yesterday, the person recommended to me to help market and support Community Programs across the US and Canada accepted the invitation to collaborate.

Spoke at length, again, two days ago to the Pod Caster running Lee Cockerell’s Creating Magic podcast. Lee made the recommendation to me.

And this morning at 7:00am, we drive our son to his first day of High School freshman year.

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True or not true?

Best Disney Speaker
Photo: Todd Buchanan, June 19, 2015, 9:15am.


Best Disney Speaker
Photo: David Smith, June 19, 2015, 10:15am.


You know how they say, “Do not quit because you could be so close and if you quit, you’ll never know”?

Ever wonder if it’s really true?

Began the speech in a suit. Finished it in jeans, t-shirt and running shoes.

It took 16 years to overcome this fear.

It was a stupid fear.

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