No sweat means it’s totally appropriate

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Everyone is at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast.


Disney employees and Guests
Where Magic lives…(L-R: me, Kate Shubert and Jeffrey Williford from Disney Institute, and consultant Leslie Mullens from Hawai’i)


Do at least one thing a day that scares you.

Was it appropriate to drop in on the group during their relaxed and fun breakfast with the Disney characters?

Walked around the resort taking photos and realized that i had cooled down and stopped sweating.

An invitation came via text. The rest, as they say, is magic history.

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The good reason for doing the hard stuff first

Florida Hospital Winter Garden
Yesterday, Florida Hospital Winter Garden under construction.


Florida Hospital Winter Garden
Try building something great without blueprints.


The good reason for doing the hard stuff first is that the easy stuff is always easier than the hard stuff.

Draw the blueprints first.

Sweat the foundation, the infrastructural, the design.

You can decide later whether the family room floor will be tile, wood or carpet.

It doesn’t matter if you are certain about your floor if the house never gets built.

The easy stuff should always come last when it comes to organizational architecture.

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Could a dummy actually do it?

Orlando Based Leadership Speakers


(photo: Last night in Office Depot getting a trifold poster board to story board new ideas… spent a few minutes in a distracting aisle.)

Being busy is not an excuse. Not really.

Ask your CEO (of You, Inc.) to restructure the organization.

Fire some habits if you need to.

Bring in some new habits – the hotshot, wannabe’s.

Do whatever it takes.

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Simple Does Not Mean Easy

Our Nation’s health is not some game to be played with slim odds of winning.

Simple and easy rarely travel together.

Insight: Use diet and exercise to lower your cholesterol. Simple concept? Yes. Easy? Look around at people and decide for yourself.

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Blogroll Makes It Easy

Always Click The Top Link
Always Click The Top Link

No matter which of the five blogs you are on, always click on the Blogroll’s top link to go directly to the next blog. No more confusion. Gonna leave this reminder here for awhile. Scroll past this for today’s post.