Dear CCO

9-second video: ’tis true.
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Looking down at a colorful early Autumn landscape.
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Dear CCO: Chief Contribution Officer,

Thank you for your lifetime of continuous career improvement. We appreciate your vision, determination, and enthusiasm to dream, create, and inspire others to become a category of one: to treat your work contribution as an art form- to be an example for .thinking .differently (about everything).

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How important is your contribution?

Disney leadership speaker
Ever heard of the concept of purpose versus task?


How important is your contribution?

Are you trained to meet customer expectations?

Or are you trained to exceed them?

Doing your task (your job) well is designed to meet expectations.

Doing more than your task (more than your job) is designed to exceed expectations.

A remarkably small tweak in the culture that has magnified Disney as the world’s greatest customer service organization.


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All Are Professional Speakers

Yo, you talkin’ to me?

I keep telling our son (10) they are all paid to be Professional Speakers:


  1. The Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper
  2. The Corporate Professional Speaker
  3. The Entrepreneurial Professional Speaker

Each is paid according to their contribution, relative talent, and generalized skill. The first two are also structured according to established and customary labor agreements and pay scales.

What separates the 3rd from the first two is their contribution. A purpose and mission so important, clear, concise and compelling, that their fee is exponentially more significant.

What the 3rd lacks, is the convenience of infrastructure and established credibility.

As we work through our decades before ‘retirement’, we are faced with choices on how much we want to contribute. Or have we forgotten?

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Dear Son, Part 4 of 5

Try to become the very best at whatever it is you do…

Dear son, your contribution to society will be a long journey of self-discovery. Or maybe not. Don’t worry, most people don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

There will be phases and cycles in your career journey. Promotions. Setbacks. Glorious triumph. And unfair treatment.

Take the good with the bad, learn from both. Continuously work to improve yourself. Society will pay you back with a salary. For example, 3 public speaking jobs:

  1. Jungle Cruise Skipper = less than $100 per day
  2. Corporate Professional Speaker = $100’s per day
  3. Self Employed Entrepreneurial Speaker = $1,000’s per day

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Help Wanted

Great Advice, Eh?
Great Advice, Eh?

The focus here is on each human’s contribution to society. Every ant in the ant colony, and every bee in the bee hive has a contribution.

Same with humans. Society, generally speaking, pays us for our contribution.

You can make the french fries, you can manage the restaurant, or you can own the franchise. Society pays you accordingly. More isn’t always better. Be careful what you wish for.

Leadership, vision, balance, continuous improvement, conflict, adversity, courage, tenacity are just a few of the themes here. Did I mention courage?

Did I mention organizational skills?