Serving those bold enough to believe they can

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Hating you is part of the territory.


Before reading, please make sure you caught the two sentences under Divide and conquer in the photo.

Some will hate your boldness.

Some won’t.

You know what’s cool about the world?

Some will cater to you. For example:

Someone who serves those bold enough to believe they can change the world.

If Disney ran your life, you would be required to raise the bar to the highest standard on everything you do.

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Your Time Has Come?

One By One, Our Days Expire
One By One, Our Days Expire

The days pass slowly and steadily, like Autumn’s falling leaves.

Eventually, our time will expire.

If we are lucky, we’ll have done what it is we were put here to do.

The leadership challenge for all of us is to figure it out and do it, before it’s too late.

Our playing small does not serve the world.

Let that echo in your spirit and help you find your courage.

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You Know What He Told Me?

Business Consultant
Business Consultant

Ever ask a nine-year old for business advice?  I did recently.

Pondering the pros and cons of going solo versus partnering, on a special project.  So, just for kicks, I asked my son (9).

He said, “Two heads are better than one”.

For the next few minutes, my son and I waited for our friend to arrive.

The correct answer in hand, we had a great meeting.

What Do You Mean?

What’s it mean in my LinkedIn Profile, when it says “I give speeches to change the world”?

Well, it’s a bold statement to be sure. And, it’s essence is placed in the profile for a very specific reason.

Is it possible to give speeches to change the world? Indeed.  Just ask this audience in Dallas, Texas.  Dalton Sherman, an 11-year old fifth grader gave a speech.  Maybe he’ll help change the world in Dallas.

If you don’t have nine minutes to listen to the whole thing, simply watch the first minute.

That’s what I’m trying to say, “I give speeches to change the world”.