The CEO of the NBA team said, jeff really went out of his way

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The fear of death comes in second on the all-time “greatest fears” list.

What does the thought of public speaking do for you?

Hope we get to share the same room in a cool place and hear a great speaker together some day.

The CEO of the NBA team said, jeff really went out of his way for you this morning.

What team? Which jeff?

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is the executive was acutely aware of what 99.9% of the audience was not.

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One significant reason why knowing a lot can be bad

river of knowledge
the never ending river of knowledge runs deep and wide

I’ve known John Hill for over a decade. He’s a smart and very funny professional speaker, from whom I’ve learned some important lessons. Leadership, especially in front of an audience is way more important than most speakers comprehend…

The more you know about something, the harder it is to come to terms of a single definition. – John Hill

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That was perfect

perfect always makes us smile

Yep, I’m a professional speaker. A teacher. A professional antagonist. The guy in the spotlight. The person everyone expects to be smart and funny. Really? Me? You’re kidding right?

So this is where I’ve landed in life. And every time I step in front of an audience, I go into it with the same mindset as a heart surgeon going into heart surgery. And right now my mind wanders, and wonders, does everyone approach their job this way?

Back to reality….as people were leaving yesterday’s keynote, the client said, “That was perfect!”

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Out The Back

Yesterday’s post was freakishly coincidental, a random person overheard me telling a fellow Professional Speaker I was going to quickly look for the bathroom, before the big speech.

Just a casual comment to my friend. And from out of nowhere, a voice says, “Out the back, make a left”.

Wow! Turns out, it was the CEO. He was tuned in to what his customer needed (a bathroom).

The really cool thing? A keynote speaker (me) recognized the CEO in front of hundreds of his employees. Funny how life pays you back when you do the right thing, without expectation.

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