Would Walt Disney have a blog?

Would Walt Disney have a blog?

Probably, in my opinion.

Walt always taught his associates to push the envelope and be in front of the competition.  Find new ways to inform and entertain our audience.

Do you have a blog?

If you do, great.   If you don’t, let me please ask you a few questions, Do you own a cell phone? Do you have an email address?  Do you have a mail box or some other way to send or receive traditional postal mail? Do you have a computer?

All of the above, right?

Pretty soon, everyone will have a computer. Everyone. Not just every household, but ever lap will have a laptop – maybe as small as a cell phone. Notepads, those small 8-9 inch screen “laptops” are selling for $250.

The future is the Internet. Whether you embrace it or not, whether you find a million ways to have it help your business or not, it’s the future. I always believe the time to act is when you don’t have too. Get in on the social media phenomenon, or get left behind.

Seriously. I study this stuff and have an eight year old. I want him to come to me for answers, not say, “Don’t ask my Dad, he’s clueless”.

Make it an exciting and meaningful day.  There are probably a lot of people hoping for you do be that kind of person today.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂

By jeff noel

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