Twistee Treat Tradition

Yesterday, my son (8) and I did our Friday afternoon tradition.  We went to Twistee Treat for ice cream. This started four years ago.

My wife takes our son to school.  I pick him up.  It’s part of the structure and process we put in place to run our home.

One Friday, I suggested to our son, as we were pulling away from his school, “Let’s stop at Twistee Treat and get ice cream to celebrate a great week and kickoff a great weekend”.

We did this every single Friday for a year.  A great tradition was in place to create memories for our son and help him learn a lesson for being a great parent.

Then one Monday afternoon, on a whim, I said, “Let’s get some ice cream to kick off a great week and celebrate the great weekend we just had”.

So now, for the past three years, it’s every single Monday and Friday.

Once, just to be the antagonist (with a purpose) I am, I said, “Let’s skip Twistee Treat today.  Missing one day won’t hurt”.

He said, “Daddy, would you cancel Thanksgiving”?  “No, of course not”, I replied.

He said, “Exactly, it’s a tradition.  You don’t cancel traditions, they’re too important”.

Now, I ask you, “What opportunity do you have to start, and execute a simple tradition with your loved ones”?

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

By jeff noel

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