jungle jeff in Paris?

jungle jeff is in Paris?  Yes.  🙂


Heading to the Master’s Track & Field World Championships, representing the USA in the 400 meters, 50-54 age group – 5,300 athletes from 80 countries.

Started a healthier lifestyle ten years ago, doing one push up per day. It was a bad health report that triggered my commitment, or re-commitment you might say.

My son (8), has watched me start something important, and stay with it.  So has my wife.

Same at Disney, and probably the same at your organization.

Focus and discipline.

My son sees how it works in my personal life, and he sees me apply it as a Professional Speaker.

You know what he also understands?  And remember, he’s only a child.  It’s common sense put into common practice.

I’m teaching him there are no shortcuts.  This will save him, but certainly not spare him, from many disappointments – personally and professionally.

What does this mean to you?  I don’t know.  But I hope you do.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

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