Walt Disney Has Made Me A Better Person

Walt Disney has made me a better person.

Why?  How?

Great questions, to be sure.

Our son’s birthday is in August, so starting tomorrow, I’d like to begin a new chapter at jungle jeff that will help readers see how surprisingly simple Walt Disney’s philosophies are.

The goal will be to showcase some simple, no cost ways my life improved as a Dad, by adapting what Walt Disney thought was important.

I really believe it will help you see how Walt  Disney thought, in a way you probably never thought of before.

And once you understand how simple and effective Walt Disney’s philosophies are – and how they can even be applied to being a better person – the more likely you’ll be to want to try it yourself.


Great.  See ya real soon, and, oh yeah, carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

PS.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the Twistee Treat “tradition” story.

By jeff noel

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