Well, It Isn’t Really All About You, It’s Really All About A Dad’s Promise

jeff noel wants to look back with no regrets in case something bad ever happens

Mid Life Celebration began so quietly and humbly in 2009. The growth in visits, hits, page views – mind boggling. A father’s desire to leave a trail for his young son was the critical momentum needed to honor a 30-year promise to write a book about life for his kids.

Well, jeff noel has only one “kid” (11). And his trail is 4,500 posts long, or about 900 for each of Life’s Big Choices – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. A trail long enough and balanced enough to resonate with many others.

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The Closer You Get To The Questions, The More The Answers Transform You

May 24, 2011…

Standing in the footsteps of giants…

Acadia University, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia understands that excellence is a highly sought prize. While most seek answers, The Blog Whisperer seeks questions.

The closer you get to the right questions, the better your answers, thus changing everything.

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Your Vision Is The Seed To Some Great Thing That May Not Happen During Your Lifetime

I love traveling…

It’s an adventure and nourishment for the mind, body and spirit…

Incorporated a long walk for exercise, mental recharging and spiritual enlightenment…

And even before Acadia University was founded in 1838, someone had a vision.

These thoughts follow me like a shadow.

What did the locals think of those crazy visionaries? World-renowned University? In Wolfville?

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jeff noel.com Has This Tagline: Do Something Great

In a nearby Orlando subdivision, a place I jog frequently…

At jeff noel dot com, my tagline is “Do Something Great“. People often get lost in the translation.

This picture illustrates perfectly one end of the spectrum. So please don’t tell us you can’t do something great, because no one will believe you, and we’ll call you a liar.

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Common Men & Women Who Have A Purpose So Large, It Changes Things

Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion rotunda in World Showcase.

Most people who influence change are not of royal, political or financial pedigrees.

Common men and women, who have a purpose so large, it changes things.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what noble purpose would you pursue?

I’m helping to raise money until a cure is found.

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