Disney culture expert claims employees become what they see everyday

Disney culture experts
Jody Maberry says, “The best Disney speaker you’ve never heard of.”


A top Disney culture expert claims employees become what they see everyday.

Culture in any form is driven by the predominant habits of the collective group.

In business, this has the potential to become a differentiating asset called organizational vibrancy.

At Disney, it’s known as the Disney Difference.




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Work life balance is a ton of experimentation

Jack the bear (below), jeff noel (photographer), and Lane 8, also reside at this work life balance blog

Fatherhood traditions

Work life balance is a ton of experimentation. Knowing I had addressed everything urgent in Orlando, before the meet, allowed for the serious continuation of going with the flow. Including leaving the trusty MacBook behind for the first time ever… On purpose.

This led to experimenting with blogging on an iPad. A much lighter device. Delightfully surprised.

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They Make It Look Easy

I Took This Last Week
I Took This Last Week

People who are really good (but not perfect) at what they do got that way because of one thing.

They never gave up.

I’m reminded of this every time I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread, a small blessing comes my way, allowing the journey to continue.

The road to excellence has no finish line. Is hanging on, or giving up, your first thought when faced with adversity?

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