Being the hungriest has its advantages

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You are the CEO of You, Inc. Motivation is your second greatest asset.


There is always going to be someone as hungry, and probably hungrier, than you.

Being the hungriest has its advantages.

It’s what has allowed me to get to where i am.

It’s what potentially allows others to take my spot in the business category i claim.


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Leadership is such an underused competitive advantage

FHSSA Basketball state championships
The Lakeland Center


FHSSA Basketball state championships
Head Coaches and Team captains.


FHSSA Basketball state championships
Our High School advances to tomorrow’s State Championship Class 3A final.


Leadership is such an underused competitive advantage. Everything rises or falls because of leadership. Talent is important, and so is teamwork and drive.

Carving out time to think about this is rare.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

Your leadership deserves reflective time to decide how and what you spend your time thinking about.


Because what you think about drives what you do.

i used to spend a lot of time doing the wrong (lower priority) things right.

Now for example, i carve out two hours every morning to get ready for a single day.

Over-focus on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.




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What’s the advantage of hiring a Disney Institute Customer Service Speaker?

Disney Institute Customer Service Speakers
The advantage is unmatched intimacy and experience.


Where do we find great business ideas in a sea of time-tested information?

While cleaning yesterday, found two old notes written on a post-it:

  1. Consulting ROI.
  2. Disney Institute (DI) Chamber of Commerce.

Unsure of the first one’s meaning. Can guess it’s about how you convince a client your high price is worth it. The second is a spin off of what DI already does with their Sponsorship Series.

What’s the advantage of hiring a Disney Institute Customer Service Speaker?

The advantage is intimacy.

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