When you relentlessly look for light in the career darkness

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Two Disney name tags serve as my Masters degree and my PhD.


When you relentlessly look for light in the career darkness be prepared.

Be prepared.

For a breakthrough.

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Calling an audible, because i deserve to

Calling an audible, because i deserve to.

For eight years i have practiced this belief:

Don’t tell others what you’re going to do, only tell them what you’ve already done.

Most of my life i did the opposite and time after time it produced disappointment.

When i started my own business in 2009 i decided to do a 180 and keep things quiet until they were done.

Inspired by yesterday’ meeting, i’m going to do another 180.

Stay tuned.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


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It scared you because you felt safe

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Have passed through here a million times.


Dear self, this is genius. The way you step up. Your intentions. The way you structure your classes. Your analogies. Your metaphors. Your questions. Your vision.

And what did you get paid?

Compared to a compelling speaker with a great platform, peanuts. Literally nothing compared to what you get paid now.

(Don’t get yourself wrong, you wouldn’t trade the past for anything.)

Genius has boldness. (Yes, this is the reverse of Boldness has genius.)

Congratulations on breaking the mold.

And congratulations for doing what you said you were gonna do.

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Is Balance the future of work?

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(photo: The W does not stand for Walt Disney, it stands for WordPress – which supports more than 20% of the World’s websites.)

Balance is the future of work. Or so some claim.

Impossible, right?


That’s why Mid Life Celebration set out in 1999 to make it happen in spite of it’s nonexistence in the workplace.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Mid Life Celebration will not receive any awards for creating the formula for balance, but it’s founder, jeff noel, did receive The Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award, twice, during his 30-years Disney career.

PS. This is only important if you are looking to hire the best catalytic keynote speaker money can buy. If you’re going to believe in something important, believe in it all the way.


It’s contagious.

(also extremely contagious is not believing all the way)

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Could one person create a collective, societal sigh of relief?

Dalai Lama quote on love


(photo: Facebook status update screen shot… something about brevity that turns us on… inspires us.)

Had wanted to write a shorter performance appraisal, but just didn’t have the time.

Anyone can go on and on about how great they are.

Most do, actually.

Human nature.


Past practice.

Acceptable practice.

Expected practice?

It used to be expected that a black person would give up their seat on a bus so a white person could have the seat instead.

Thank goodness for the people who saw it differently and challenged the expected practice.

But woe to the solitary misfit at the office.

The one using performance appraisal brevity to shine a spotlight.

It could be a remarkable breakthrough.

One creating a collective, societal sigh of relief.

Or, it could fail, landing the perpetrator in trouble (again) with the reputation they have with their leaders for “creating waves”.

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