Could one person create a collective, societal sigh of relief?

Dalai Lama quote on love


(photo: Facebook status update screen shot… something about brevity that turns us on… inspires us.)

Had wanted to write a shorter performance appraisal, but just didn’t have the time.

Anyone can go on and on about how great they are.

Most do, actually.

Human nature.


Past practice.

Acceptable practice.

Expected practice?

It used to be expected that a black person would give up their seat on a bus so a white person could have the seat instead.

Thank goodness for the people who saw it differently and challenged the expected practice.

But woe to the solitary misfit at the office.

The one using performance appraisal brevity to shine a spotlight.

It could be a remarkable breakthrough.

One creating a collective, societal sigh of relief.

Or, it could fail, landing the perpetrator in trouble (again) with the reputation they have with their leaders for “creating waves”.

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