Disney’s Secrets

Bob Iger's book
Worth a second look? Read the book and or text Jungle Jeff.

Disney’s Secrets.

Privileged to have learned them, done them, and teach them.

And someday, maybe, there will be a seven-book series featuring Disney’s Business Wisdom.

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You made it to 60, now what?

Family Christmas
Life is a blur. Enjoy that. Having Chapin along for 19 years has been icing on the cake. So insanely lucky.

You made it to 60, now what?

Live like you mean it.
Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Read a great book today. A masterpiece in your eyes. Yeah, read that one. Hopefully it’ll only take an hour.

The book is generous, gentle, direct, and compellingly hopeful.

Think deeper, smile more, feel grateful everyday.

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On the eve of my 56th birthday, a Facebook status update

Apple Watch heartbeat monitor
Yesterday while credits were rolling after Tomorrowland. Excited, yet relaxed.


Here’s a status update i just posted to my personal Facebook account:

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It would be much easier to not write this status update…

Know what my lofty birthday wish is?

It’s a wish for you.

The wish is that – today – you would buy my book, for yourself.

It can be read in an hour.

It’s generous, gentle, direct and compellingly hopeful.

It offers readers a rare chance to safely think about some of their older, crazy dreams.

i feel so strongly about this i had Xulon Press reduce the price as much as they could.

After Amazon and Xulon take their cut, the proceeds are so small you would never believe it.

So why pursue this if there’s literally no monetary gain?

Because it’s my conviction that this book has the power to do something remarkable for the reader.

i’ll buy it for you if cost is an issue.

Kindle $4.99
Paperback $9.89

Finally, i’m not posting this on any other social media venue. Only to you, my family and friends – the inner circle so to speak.

Today is not a good day to put dreams on hold.

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You can learn a lot from 55 years of mistakes and triumphs

AARP birthday wish
You can learn a lot from 55 years of mistakes and triumphs.


Live your life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about you, no one would believe it.

When you do what you do from a place of great authenticity and deep sense of noble purpose, you may not always do what is right but you will always do what you think is right.

No one should ever feel bad or guilty for making a mistake in trying to do the right thing.

To live in fear of making mistakes is a lifetime prison sentence no one should have to endure.

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