Leadership By Disney

Leadership done the Disney way.  What does that mean?  For starters it means that Leadership is HUGE at Disney.  In fact, it’s huge in every world-class organization.  It’s even huge in serious, small businesses.

Good leaders get good results.  Great leaders get great results.  Ever do the math on the difference between good and great results?

Last night my family and I watched the classic Disney – Pixar DVD, “A Bug’s Life“.  In the opening few minutes, the young Queen Ant “in training”, makes an excuse, after something terrible had happened.  She said, “It wasn’t my fault”.

The Grasshopper laughed at her statement and told her, “The first lesson in leadership – everything is your fault”.

I found that scene, especially the comments, intriguing.

Wonder if anyone recalls that Bug’s Life scene?  If you where discussing leadership with smart people, would you tell the truth or sugar-coat things?   Carpe diem,  jeff noel  🙂

By jeff noel

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