Happy Memorial Day

Happy.  Memorial Day.

The two words seem to contradict each other.

While my Dad and my Father-in-law served our Country, both came back alive.

My Father-in-law returned from Europe after WWII.

My Dad came back from Japan after the Korean Conflict.

There are many Families that will have a different, and more difficult, time remembering this day than most of us.

This day is dedicated to the memory of their loved ones.  The ones that never came home to see their Family grow.

It is with the utmost respect, and deepest humility, that we should all remember the price for our freedom.

Freedom isn’t free.  It often comes with a huge price tag.  

Today is about the price that has been paid in full

Walt Disney once said something very close to this, “If you could look deep into my eyes, you would see red, white and blue stripes”.

The Star Spangled Banner is one of our Nation’s great songs.  Let freedom ring.  Peace, jeff

By jeff noel

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