Disney Truly Makes Me A Better Person

Disney Truly Makes Me A Better Person.  Why?  How?

Because I understand completely how Disney operationalizes it’s culture.

“Culture is what people think and do, without thinking”.   — jeff noel

One of the easiest ways is to use traditions.  Our Country does.  All great Countries do.  So if it works for Countries and for Companies, why couldn’t it work for individuals?

Here’s a You Tube video describing the power of a simple “family tradition”:

Our son will always remember our Twistee Treat tradition. Always? Guarantee it. How?

Because of the repetition.  Why do we celebrate holidays year after year?  It gets ingrained into our being.  It’s who we are.

When that happens, people do things without even thinking. It was Monday, in Lahti, Finland.  I was there representing Team USA at the Masters Track & Field World Championships.

Even with all the distractions, I knew it was Monday and that meant Twistee Treat day.  Maybe this is so simple it’s flying right over your head.

Until I understood this phenomenon, I could not break through to greater success. Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

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